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저장장치 / OTG / Reader
USB-C 6-Port Multi Pro Hub
USB-C 3-Port Multi Hub
USB-C to VGA Mini Adapter
USB-C to HDMI Mini Adapter
PQI InstaShot
PQI iConnect mini
라이트닝 케이블
PQI i-Cable Ultimate Toughness
Toughness Metallic Covered Mesh Lightning Cable 100
i-Cable metallic 100
PQI i-Cable Lightning 180
PQI i-Cable Du-Plug 90
i-Dongle 마이크로USB-라이트닝 아답터
보조 배터리
PQI Power 6000CV & 12000CV
PQI Power 13000 & 16750
PQI Power 10000V
PQI Power 5200M PB113
PQI Power 12000NB
뉴 맥북 용
Connect 314
Connect 313
Connect 312
Connect 311
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